Over the years I have come to realize that Spas and Wellness are synonymous, leading me to become a certified Wellness Inventory coach and now a Stress Management Coach. With my spa background, I enjoy working with spas like Santé Spa Victoria and Riverstone Spa in Winnipeg and work with the spa’s clients and guests who want to enhance their personal wellbeing beyond the spa’s other treatments and services.

Coaching is all about asking the right questions and it’s fascinating to see people move out of their “stuckness” as they discover new paths to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as a result.

I love working with spas because they embody health, wellness, pampering and self-care. I live a spa and wellness lifestyle every day with exercise like walking and Pilates; nutritious food cooked by my chef/husband that feeds my body and soul; meditation in the mornings and regular spa treatments that remind me that taking care of myself is not only important, but vital to my well being. As a result, I only need to see my doctor once a year for my annual tests and physical exam. Well, also mammograms and bone density checks!

And I’m an information gatherer. I really enjoy conferences where I can share and learn with other like-minded individuals and relish social media with its daily bombardment of news and info. I read voraciously and from time to time go into shut-down mode in order to digest what I’ve taken in. I have visions of snapping synapses and neural pathways hard at work processing, collating and assimilating all that I’ve absorbed.

My book, “Getting Great Spa On the Road to Wellness, reflects my passion for spa and wellness and is for you, the consumer. It’s full of tips and an insider’s look at how to take advantage of of all that spas have to offer as you travel your personal road to wellness. Of course, a single book can’t cover everything, and I’m grateful to have this blog as a medium to write about new topics as they arise.  Welcome friends!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice to find you!

  2. Lianne Smithaniuk said:

    Hi Kathryn
    I saw your name on the Ruth B Comment board after Rachel Naomi Remen’s call today. I live and work in Nanaimo as a Wellness Consultant/Coach as well. It’s tempting to find other people in our field to share something like the “Finding Meaning in Medicine” group that Rachel is part of. Wasn’t it a marvelous call to remind us of the spiritual basis of everything we do & to listen from that place of respect & honouring the client, rather than focusing on “fixing” things?
    I realize we are a bit far apart to meet on a regular basis, but if you’re up my way, let me know & it would be fun to have tea/coffee together.
    Many Blessings,
    Lianne (lianneg@shaw.ca)
    July 25/12

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