On the Road…Again!



Moving-House-Medium1Really? On the road…again?? It was a scant year ago that we made the leap from home ownership to renting and the learning curve has been steep.

Suffice it to say that moving out of the home we had hoped – only a year ago – would be a long-term situation was the only option available to us for a variety of reasons. And we learned that renting through a property management company as opposed to the owner direct is the answer to minimizing problems and are happy we made the change.

“My, my. A body does get around.”
William Faulkner, Light in August

Ahhhh…change. Change brings a certain amount of stress to the equation, doesn’t it? Uncertainties around the new home (Will the furniture fit? How are the neighbours? What kind of energy does it have?) niggle at the back of your mind. The sorting of previously sorted books, photos and papers. The exhaustion of packing and unpacking. The million little decisions involved in finding new homes for each item that emerges from the carton. It’s all a bit much…

But we’re settled now – three weeks in this new place. What am I feeling ? Gratitude, enormous gratitude for this new home. Any residual stress is melting away at a pretty rapid rate and – as trite as this might sound – the sun seems to shine a little more brightly here and our little garden beckons with tulips and rhodos.

I am happy.